When you have a headstone engraving project that demands the timeless quality of old world craftsmanship, Eastern Memorials-Commercial & Architectural Services is on your team.

We offer following commercial services:

Sand Blasted Inscription & Carving

Hand Carved & Sand Blasted Inscription & Carving +

Lettering, whether hand carved, sand blasted or applied is an “art form” unto itself when done on Walls, Floors, and Exteriors. It is particularly striking when inscriptions are carved on or into stone surfaces. You will want an expert on your team to illuminate these issues to your client. EM-CAS has been doing these types of lettering jobs for years for many of the top designers, architects, builders, and stone contractors in the Washington-Metro area as well as for companies in other states.

Applied Lettering +

Emblems, Logos and Carvings +

Specialty Techniques +

Donor Walls Design, Layout & Carving

Civic Etching in Granite & Glass

Metal, Natural Stone and Specialty Inlays

For additional information and pricing, call us at (703) 393-0999 or email us at info@EasternMemorials.com