Cemetery Address:

3411 Arlington Blvd.
     Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 527-1235


Contact Person at Cemetery:
Heidi Chapman

Memorial Types Allowed in Cemetery:
1. Flush Marker
2. Upright Companion Memorial
3. Upright Single Site Memorial
4. Bench
5. Bronze Marker

Cemetery Description:
In order that the improvements and appearance of the Cemetery be kept in conformance with its purpose and philosophy, the Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to regulate the kind, size, design, quality and material of all Grave Markers, other Memorials and Foundations which are placed in the Cemetery. Only one Upright Monument may be placed on any one or multiple Grave(s). Memorials for Graves must be made of granite or bronze. Memorials may contain the name, dates of birth and death of the Deceased and appropriate inscriptions. The Cemetery shall designate specific areas where flush memorials and upright memorials may be placed.


Flush Markers All granite markers or bronze markers mounted on granite, will be placed flush to the natural grade at the foot of the grave.  The minimum size for a flush marker is 22 inches x 10 inches x 4 inches and a maximum of 3 feet x 6 feet x 4 inches. All flush markers are installed by Columbia Gardens Memorials within Columbia Gardens Cemetery. Companion Markers For two side-by-side graves, the minimum size is 36 inches x 13 inches x 4 inches with the marker being centered between the two sites at the foot of the graves. Upright Monuments Upright monuments for a single grave may have a base no less than eighteen inches or greater than 36 inches in length (right to left). Upright monuments for side-by-side graves may have a base no greater than 5 feet in length (right to left). Foundations are required for all upright monuments and must be inspected by the cemetery. Benches Benches are allowed only in pre-approved locations and must be either granite, bronze or a combination of both. Size specifications for each site are available from the Columbia Gardens Cemetery office. Foundations are required for each bench and must be inspected by the cemetery. Approvals of Monuments and Flush Markers Monument and flush marker designs must be approved by Columbia Gardens Cemetery before installation. Monuments must be either granite, bronze or a combination of both. The type, material and style of Memorials will be subject to the specific requirement of each Cemetery Lot. For Family Burial Estates, larger memorials may be approved by the Cemetery.


The name and inscription on each Memorial must correspond with the legal name of the Deceased Interred in that Grave(s) or only Memorialized on that Grave in cases where there is no Interment. On lots where the monument privilege is on one side, inscriptions may only be placed on the side of the monument facing the interment rights of the person(s) being memorialized. The family name may be incised on only one side of the Memorial over the graves of the Owner of the interment rights. The name of each individual will be inscribed only over the Grave, on panels, designated for the individual Buried or to be Buried in that site.


Memorials may be installed only on the Grave(s) or Lot(s) owned by the Deceased or family of the Deceased. No Memorial shall be placed on or removed from the Cemetery without the prior written authorization of the Cemetery, and of both the Owner of the particular Lot and the Deceased’s next-of-kin, or their respective authorized representative(s). In the event a Memorial, Foundation or other object is placed or constructed in the Cemetery without the prior authorization of the Cemetery and other appropriate persons as provided herein, the Cemetery reserves and shall have the right, at the Owner’s expense, to remove any unauthorized Memorial or other object. If any Memorial, structure, or any inscription to be placed on same, or any embellishment whatsoever, shall be determined by the Cemetery, upon inspection, to be offensive or improper, the Cemetery reserves and shall have the right to (a) refuse to authorize the placement of such Memorial or object; or (b) if already in place, the Cemetery shall have the right, at the Owner’s expense, to remove, change or correct any such offensive or improper Memorial, object or inscription. The Cemetery reserves, and shall have the right, to inspect the completed installation of any Memorial or Foundation performed by Contractor(s) and determine that the installation was performed completely and in accordance with the specifications and installation requirements of the Cemetery.


All charges and fees for Interment Rights, Memorials, Endowment Care, Memorial installation, inspection fee and other applicable charges and fees must be paid in full before any Memorial or Foundation may be placed on any Lot or grave within the Cemetery.


The Cemetery will not maintain Memorials and is not responsible for wear and tear, damage, deterioration or weathering. The Cemetery is not responsible for foundations it did not install. Should a monument or memorial set on a foundation not installed by the Cemetery, it will be the installer’s responsibility to correct the installation. Should any Memorial become unsightly, dilapidated or a nuisance, the Cemetery shall have the right, at its option, to repair, remove, or replace the Memorial. The Cemetery shall not be responsible for any defects in material or workmanship, errors or omissions relating to Memorials or Foundations purchased from and/or installed by persons or entities other than the Cemetery.


The Cemetery shall have the sole discretion as to all matters regarding landscaping and plantings, including landscaping plan and care, pruning, revegetation of Graves, and removal of vegetation. Any unauthorized plantings will be removed. Floral Displays from a funeral are permitted to be left behind after the Interment service at the Cemetery. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all unsightly flowers, wreaths, or other natural decorations without notice. Artificial flowers or arrangements, vases, flags, photographs or manufactured items shall be allowed on graves only one week before and one week after certain Holidays.