Memorial Process

It starts by sitting down with our clients and talking about what they have in mind. We know for the majority of our clients, it is their first experience in selecting a memorial a part of making their funeral arrangements. During our discussion, we explain there are five factors to consider before a memorial can be finalized.

  • What are the Cemetery’s Rules and Regulations? We are familiar with all of our area cemeteries rules and regulations concerning the placement of memorials.
  • The Size of the Memorial. Memorial size is governed by the cemetery’s rules, the information you want on the memorial and of course, your budget.
  • Color and Finish of the Granite. While in many cases this decision is a matter of personal preference, sometimes we make recommendations based on the art work. For example, if you prefer etchings, black granite is required so the image shows up well on the stone.
  • Shape or Contour of the Memorial. We offer all types of shapes and contours from the traditional to the contemporary shapes to choose from.
  • Design and Personalization. We have thousands of standard designs to choose from. Also, we encourage our clients to consider personalizing their memorials by different means such as adding special art work, phrases of endearment, etc.

We maintain a large display of memorials, where you can see the different sizes, finishes, colors and shapes of memorials. Once you decide on the type of memorial, we then do a scale design for you to review.

Once the final drawing is approved and we have a signed contract, the memorial is scheduled to be put into production in our shop. When the work is finished, we schedule a date with the cemetery to install the memorial. We handle all of the details with the cemetery pertaining to installation.

Our staff is meticulous and very professional when it comes to erecting our memorials. We guarantee all of our monuments are erected on foundations that meet the cemetery’s requirements.

Upon completion of the installation, Eastern Memorials contacts our clients to let them know their memorial has been installed.