April 5, 2012

Botkin Sign Company has been a familiar sight in Downtown Manassas for the past 59 years. As all good things must come to an end, Botkin closed its doors in 2011 due to the illness and subsequent passing of the owner, Jerry Botkin.

A landmark in downtown Manassas, there was no question that Botkin Signs was known as the place to go if you needed a sign for your business or lettering for your vehicle. With his wife Evelyn by his side, Jerry Botkin started the sign business immediately after high school and, together, he and Evelyn grew it into one of the most flourishing sign companies in the city of Manassas. In its heyday, Botkin produced many types of signs including sandblasted and gilded business signs as well as hand-painted lettering designs. Jerry was so well-liked and his work so admired that customers would frequently line up around the block and wait just to do business with him. Many of Jerry’s signs still embellish a large array of the public buildings in the city of Manassas today.

Melancholy stricken about the close of the business, Mrs. Botkin explored the possibility of a way of keeping Botkin Signs alive in Jerry’s memory. She went on a pursuit to find a respectable establishment that she felt could carry on the reputable standing that she and her husband worked so hard and so long to create. Without much delay, she soon realized she didn’t have to look very far and stumbled upon yet another landmark in the city of Manassas. Eastern Memorials.

With its similar working facility already in place, Eastern Memorials was the ideal place for Botkin Sign to continue its legacy. Eastern Memorials was also thrilled and honored to be able to carry on the reputable name of Botkin Signs and to keep Jerrys dream alive. Eastern has the capability and will continue to construct the same quality signs in the tradition and excellence of Botkin Signs while continuing to extend the same exceptional service, care and attention to detail that was established by Jerry Botkin so many years ago.

To Commemorate Botkin Signs 63rd Anniversary, Eastern Memorials has plans to design a mural at its location at 8790 Centreville Road in Manassas that will illustrate the story of the milestones of the history of Manassas.