Dealing With the Death of a Child

A person can see each and every single one of their loved ones pass away but one person that humans cannot even think about losing is; their child. We humans grow up seeing young people live a long, happy life and we learn that it is usually the old people who die first and the young get to carry on with their lives.

No one really expects or even thinks about seeing a young person die before his or her elders. Now think just how painful it must be for the parents who have to see their child pass away. No parent is ever ready to see their child pass away regardless of whether their child is a grown adult or an infant.

Parents who lose their child find it hard to get back to how they were. They spend their days going through their child’s belongings, holding memorials for them and just spending time thinking about them.

The loss of a child is extremely painful and people who don’t have children of their own know this just as well as anyone else. Even in places like cemeteries, you can see people stop for a second and just stare for a second when they pass by granite baby headstones.

The truth about grieving

If you are worried that you have not been able to get back to how you were or that it’s taking you so long to heal yourself, please stop. There is no right or wrong when it comes to grieving. There are no instructions, no manuals and most certainly, no time limits.

The truth about grief is that it is never going to go away. The love you have for your child and the wonderful memories that you have of them are going to stay with you for the rest of your life. The only way out is to go through the pain. You have to accept the fact that your child is not with you anymore and you have to get used to it.

Honestly, you can never really go back to exactly how you were, not after such a big loss. But, that definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t relearn to live a happy and healthy life.

Managing your pain

If you are finding it hard to fight through the pain here are some ideas that have been proven to help. First and foremost, humans are social animals, if you can learn to talk about your pain and share it with someone close, it is most definitely going to help.

Another great idea to help you heal would be to read some books that deal with death and its effects on others. A Grief Observed by CS Lewis is one of our favorites. Before we share our next idea, we do acknowledge that is a little unorthodox but please don’t doubt its capability. Our next idea is, exercise. And, if that’s too much, just going on a nice run will do. If you don’t believe us on this one, just try it!

And last but not least, try taking on a few new responsibilities or hobbies. Just a little extra something that will help stay just a little bit busy without taking up your entire day.