The Fear of Funerals and How You Can Fight Against It

Everything with a start has an ending too, and that includes life as well. Death is something that awaits us all. It is the inevitable truth of life and no matter what we do or where we go; there is simply no way to escape death. According to estimates about 2-3 people die every second even though dying is such a common thing, nearly no one likes to talk about it. Whatever your religious beliefs might be, it is important for us to tell all about death to our children to mentally prepare them for it.

Unfortunately, a huge part of the population is quite bad at talking about and explaining sensitive topics to their children. One of these topics is; death.

The Fear of Death

Growing up, a lot of children don’t really understand what death is and eventually, when they see someone close pass away or when they attend a funeral, they come face to face with a dark reality which they then find impossible to believe or accept.

Coming face to face with death so suddenly often puts a fear of funerals and all things related to it into children’s minds and once that fear is there, they are going to struggle with it for a long, long time. Maybe even for the rest of their life.

Importance of Attending Funerals

Manufacturers of memorial headstones in Maryland tell us that as sad as a memorial service or a funeral might be, the truth is, there are quite a few benefits to it.

First and foremost, when all friends and family come together to say goodbye to the deceased, it brings great comfort to the deceased’s immediate family to know that, everyone important to them, stands with them in this tough time.

Secondly, funerals bring old friends and family together and a lot of times, this can result in faded friendships being brought back to life and old hatchets being buried.

Attending a funeral with your children has some important benefits too. Firstly, it teaches children what death is and how people say goodbye to their loved ones. Secondly, it teaches them the importance of family. And lastly, it teaches them how to honor someone’s memory and their life’s work.

Overcoming your Fear of funerals

A big majority of those who find it impossible to attend funerals know that it’s hurtful to others when the skip someone’s funeral. The good news for people who fear death and funerals is that this fear can be dealt with. All that’s required is effort.

Let’s go over some of the most effective ways one can deal with this fear;

  1. Admit you feel fear and anxiety from funerals and learn to talk about it to someone. From your best friend to the funeral director there are quite a few people you can talk to.
  2. Don’t suppress your emotions. If you feel like an ocean of tears is about to burst open then let it. People will understand.
  3. Find a support partner. It could be anyone; your sister, friend, anyone! Whenever you feel overcome by fear and anxieties, reach out to this person for support and guidance.