How to Find Granite Headstones at Affordable Pricing?

The death of a family member or a close friend can really crush your spirit and leave you feeling broken. The pain becomes even worse if the passing away was completely unexpected and out of the blue.

Funerals increase the pain

As if having to deal with the pain of your family member’s (or friend’s) death was not enough, you also have to deal with contacting funerals services and availing the services of the most suitable one.

Funerals have always been a costly affair but these days, things are getting out of hand. From the coffin to the headstone price, everything seems too costly. In these times, the most basic of funerals can cost around $10,000.

Not everyone has that kind of money lying around which is why when someone dies, friends and family have to go through all kinds of trouble just so they can arrange the money to give a proper funeral and burial to the deceased.

Pre-paid funeral packages

A new trend has emerged in the past few years. People realize that funeral services are just too costly these days and that when they die, their friends and family might find it challenging to arrange the money for the funerals. Hence, now, people get in touch with a funeral service and avail a pre-paid funeral package for themselves.

With a prepaid funeral package, a person can plan their own funeral, find out how much it will cost, and then pay a monthly fee to the funeral service until that total funeral cost has been paid. Then, when the person dies, their friends and family can get in touch with the same funeral service and have the funeral arrangements carried out.

Pre-paid funeral packages allow big freedom to people. From the fundamentals like; the available coffins and tombstone for sale, to small details like what kind of flowers to use at the funeral, every single decision is taken by the person for whom the funeral is being planned.

Limestone headstones are not reliable

Talking about tombstones, there are two types available these days. The classic (and very inexpensive) type is the limestone headstone. Limestone is quite readily available and it is easy to shape and cut, which is why it is being used to make tombstones for centuries.

But, to tell you the truth, limestone is not a tough mineral. If you don’t believe us, take any sharp metal piece and rub it against a piece of limestone; it’ll scratch too easily. The wear and tear from weather and other elements means that the name and dates on the headstone will completely vanish in matter of few, short years.

The better alternative to limestone headstones

The alternative to limestone headstones are granite headstones. Granite is a far stronger mineral and also allows much more customization. Custom Granite Headstones allow headstone makers to print an entire picture on the headstone! And the great thing is, due to its toughness, granite headstones retain their shape for a very long time.

The price of granite headstones depends on how much text the client wants to add but there’s no need to worry as the prices are usually budget-friendly. You can easily find affordable granite headstone by contacting any professional funeral service.