Keeping the End in Mind

They say that if you love something and truly want to achieve it, taking the first step towards that goal is the most important thing. While the first step is definitely important, what is even more important is how long the journey is going to be. And, there is only one difference between a long, unfocused journey and a short, extremely focused one; having a game plan.

Yes, the first step is crucial because without that step, you would never be on the journey you are now. But then again, if you don’t give a serious thought to the journey and chalk up a strong strategy, you are bound to go around in circles, never reaching your destination. In short, a strong game plan is more important than that first step.

What is meant by “Strategy”?

Have you ever given a thought to what this strange thing that we call “strategy” truly means? To beginners, a plan or a strategy is something that defines the actions that one must take to make something happen. But, what many people overlook is that the actions defined in a plan can only be defined by keeping the end goal in mind.

A plan is not a plan if it does not keep the main goal in its focus at all times. So, when we say that having a strong strategy is the most important thing for achieving a goal, it means that keeping the goal in sight is what you should do at all times.  

The “keeping the end in mind” approach has been around for centuries. If you look closely, you will realize that almost all successful people are using this approach and the crazy thing is that most of them don’t even realize it.

And, it’s not just people using this approach for success; businesses, governments and corporations all around the globe are working with this approach too. The only difference in everyone’s approach is the speed or efficiency they are working at.

What We All Need to Focus On

We have seen that almost all of us are using the approach of keeping the end in mind to achieve things. Some haven’t been able to use this approach efficiently while billionaires like Elon Musk have changed the world by mastering this technique. In short, this is an approach that guarantees results.

And so, if we can achieve great things through this approach why can’t we keep our life’s end in mind and try to do something for others? What would be so wrong with that? We are in no way suggesting that you give up on your passions and ambitions, all we are saying is that you should keep others in mind as well.

In the end, we all going 6 feet under the ground. Our families will be looking for headstones for graves and they would want something truly memorable about our life printed on the headstone. What could be more impact and memorable than living life for those who are weaker than us?

The approach of keeping the end in mind has always been with us and humans are learning to use it with ever more efficiency. It’s high time that we start using this for the good of other people too.