How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

The loss of a loved one is probably the most emotionally stressful time of our life. Dealing with the fact that your loved one is not with you anymore is one thing, but then there is the added stress of informing everyone about the death.  These two things are already too much to handle but, then there is the task of having to plan a funeral, finding the best funeral service and arranging the funds for the funeral.

Families Fight through a Lot of Pain to Plan a Funeral

From the type of flowers to use for decoration and what hymns to sing to what kind of granite headstone to buy for your loved one, a funeral requires quite some planning. Obviously, in most cases, the funeral has to be planned almost immediately after the death of the loved one.

The truth is, when you lose someone close, you are in a state of shock, disbelief and extreme sadness. In such a stressful and emotional moment, it is extremely difficult for anyone to plan a funeral for their loved one. But, even though they are feeling so much pain, people still fight through it and plan the most suitable funeral possible for their loved one just so they can honor them right.

Finding the Right Funeral Service

Funerals involve quite a lot of tasks, from selecting the flowers to having a look at the granite headstone for sale. Such tasks cannot be completed without availing the services of a funeral service. But, most people want to make sure the funeral service they hire is more than capable of providing their loved one the funeral they deserve.

Hence, it is common to see people do a little research and read client reviews when selecting a funeral service. Of course, the family of the deceased is mostly kept out of such tasks, the search for the right funeral service and most of funeral planning is handled by friends and relatives.

There are several funeral services in the country capable of providing the best of the best funeral arrangements but the truth is the charge exorbitant amounts. This is why, it is important to do a little research and find the funeral service that fits your budget and is also capable of providing the services you want.

How Much do Funerals Cost?

If you were to ask for an average price for the most basic funeral, it comes to around $6,000. If you were to ask for a very simple and basic funeral that involves burial and a headstone, the average is around $10,000. You could bring down the total by a few hundred bucks if you go for a flat headstone; that’s because flat headstone prices are lower.

As you should have noticed by now, funeral prices are just too much these days. Hence, in the past few years a new trend has started to emerge. In last few years, more and more funeral services have started offering pre-paid funeral packages.

By availing this package, people can pay for their own funeral. The payments are monthly installments and many funeral services offer big discounts on pre-paid funeral packages. The best thing about such packages is that a person gets to plan their own funeral.