How to Clean Headstones at Cemetery?

When you bury your loved one at a cemetery, that place becomes special for you instantly. That headstone often made of granite not only holds the name of your loved one, but is also a symbol of your love and devotion towards him.

It is quite common for people to pay regular visits to the grave of their deceased beloved and express their love towards him through flowers, special prayers or other gestures. What is equally important to them is to keep this legacy alive and have their children continue this tradition of paying respects to their loved ones, even after they are gone. That is where headstones become of vital importance, as if they are not maintained properly, it will become difficult to locate a particular grave at a cemetery.

How Do You Clean a Headstone?

Time brings with it its share of wear and tear, and that is something evident when it comes to old headstones. Many headstones become worn, discolored, cracked or even broken over time. Monsoon or humidity does its share of work too and lichen or algae can cover most of the headstone, making it impossible to make out its etching and text.

That is why, it is a good idea to check whether your loved one’s headstone needs a little cleaning up. However, don’t start off without first finding out the regulations of the cemetery and proceed only when you have taken the required permission or approval for the task.

Sandstone, granite, marble and limestone are the most common materials used for making headstones and all these natural stones require varying degrees of gentle cleaning based on how much they can withstand. It is a good idea to consult our experts about this matter since he can guide you as to which tools or chemicals, if any, you can use to clean a granite headstone.

There is not much that you need in order to carry out this job but it is never a bad idea to make a checklist just in case. A typical checklist for cleaning a headstone would include water bottles, spray bottles, brushes of varying thickness and strength, craft sticks, cotton cloth, foam or sponge and a toothbrush. Do not forget to check the headstone for any fragility of cracks before you start off as that can damage the headstone even further. If there is a crack or instability in the headstone, get that repaired first.

Be very soft with your cleaning, starting with the softest brushes first and using water from the spray bottle to keep it a gentle sprinkle. Change the size and thickness of the brushes as and when required but do not use wire or metal brush. Use plastic or wooden scrapers to scrape off any lichen or algae growing on the stone, taking care as to not cause any damage to the engraving on the headstone. This activity will need a lot of patience and the older the headstone, the more patience you will have to demonstrate since the stone may be fragile. However, the result will be worth the effort for there is nothing more satisfactory than to restore the memorial of a loved one as not only a symbol of your love, but also as an act of your devotion towards him, keeping his memory alive for generations to come and pay respect to.