Knowing About the Different Type of Burials

The only inevitable truth about life is death. No matter what we do, how healthy or unhealthy lives we live, how good or bad times we go through, in the end, we all end up 6 feet under the ground. The only thing that’s gonna carry our name after we pass away, is our granite headstone.

As depressing and terrifying as that may sound, we are gonna try to ignore the death part and focus on the burial process. As times change, so does our thinking and beliefs about death. Why should every funeral ceremony be a traditional burial process?

knowing the Different Burial Types

Today, we are enjoying more personal freedom than ever before. And thanks to this freedom, you get to choose what kind of funeral you get. If you wish, you can have your ashes blown to space. They say many of the elements found in our body came from outer space. Wouldn’t it be poetic to end up as space dust?

So, to help you decide what way you want to go out, here are six of the most interesting burial processes:

  • The Classic Burial

As old as it may be, the classic burial process still seems to be the go-to choice for majority of people. Such a funeral divides the grief by bringing everyone together. it revolves around a coffin, burial and headstones for graves. With granite headstone prices going down, this is an economical solution too.

  • Green Funeral

As we learn about the dangers to environment and how our actions are linked to it, a new form of burial process has emerged. In green funerals, a biodegradable coffin is used and the coffin isn’t buried deeper than two feet. Such a burial helps significantly decrease the methane emissions that come from a decaying body.

  • Cryogenic Freezing

This is exactly what it sounds like. At the center of cryogenic freezing is the belief that as time passes and technology advances, maybe a way can be found to bring back the dead. And until that happens, the person’s body is kept completely frozen.

  • Humanist Funeral

Such a funeral is completely non-religious. Instead of making the funeral a sad gathering, it is carried out like an event that celebrates the life of the person who passed away. It is led by a celebrant and the ceremony can take place wherever friends and family want. Music and book readings are a common part of such type of funerals.

  • Tree Burials

Such a kind of burial may not be common in our part of the world, but it is in Asia. Tree burials are carried out by putting the body in a tree or embedding it in the tree trunk. Tree burials don’t always involve having to put the body inside a tree, putting the body in a coffin and then tying the coffin to a tree branch is common too.

  • Burial at Sea

Sea burials are not exactly a thing that authorities encourage, but if it’s something you want, you have the right to be buried at sea. This type of burial is especially attractive to those who love the sea and its majestic beauty.